How to change the CSS?

I know, it’s silly, but i really don’t know at this point.

I tried to create a new folder in the frontend and had a structure like this

                        bootstrap.css (i took a css file that contain bootstrap 4.1 and have in it a theme from
                          main.php (i copy it from views folder and added use frontend\themes\test\TestAsset with the change of AppAsset::register($this); to TestAsset::register($this);)
                TestAsset.php (i copied the content from the AppAsset file)

In config -> main.php i added

'view' => [
            'theme' => [
                'pathMap' => [
                    '@app/views' => '@frontend/themes/test/views'

The theme that i wanted from the was applied (it made a mess from the navbar, img-thumbnail and caption class), but i was thinking i could just edit them and it will be ok. Every change that i try will not apply, not even the body background-color.

When i needed to add something, a class of my own i used:


and it was ok.

At this point, I don’t know how to edit the css of the yii2 or how to add another one that i could use and personalize.

  1. Check if CSS is registered in resulting HTML.
  2. Try deleting assets. If that work, configure asset manager to add timestamp to CSS urls.

isnt your TestAsset.php should be inside frontend/assets folder? not in frontend/theme/test folder?