How To Change The Color Of The Yii Theme?


I’m trying to generate a different theme. I’m fine with the layout and style in general. But I’d like to change the blue for red for example in the entire application, including widgets.

How can I do that?


Yii default color is generated by css placed in css folder which available in root folder of yii application.You can either do changes in this css file or you can create your own css file and register that css file.


So, if I understand it correctly, I can for example copy that CSS and change it.

Then this new CSS is loaded and it will override the default CSS.

Is this correct?

Well you can either directly change in the existing css file or can copy that css file and modified in according to your need. But make sure you have registered that css file in layout file.And if default css file are not in use then remove them layout file.