How To Change Button Text In The Dialog When Deleting A Row From A Cgridview


I have a CGridView, where I have the view-update-delete actions on each row.

How can I easily change the texts on the buttons of the pop-up that shows when deleting a row, such that instead of "Cancel" and "OK" I would have "No" and "Yes"? And is there a way to set which of the 2 buttons is the default?

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OTMH: Look at the parameters of the CButtonColumn, where the delete code is generated. You should be able to overwrite/replace the onClick function. You may need to check the js:alert() options for the ability to change buttons etc.

Thank for the answer, jkofsky, but it looks like it is not possible. It uses Javascript confirm. I wanted to avoid it, but I’ll have to go with CJuiDialog.