How to cause Yii to republish to the assets folder

On my development machine, the required JQuery files for the application were present in a subfolder under the assets folder. However, when I copied the application to my test server, JQuery files were missing in the folder yii looked for them. I kept getting errors such as ‘../assets/db0e5a94/’ 404 not found, etc.

I emptied the assets folder, and now all my CSS files etc. are reported missing. Yii republishes a few folders/files (such as pager.css), but not others.

Is there any way I can cause Yii to FULLY republish to the assets folder?

This question has also been raised on stackoverflow, if you wish to answer there - unable to link since this is one of my first posts, but searching by the title should take you to the question.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the Yii forum

Seems you are using wrongly the assets folder… you should not directly link to files in that folder… all files published in the assets folder are automatically used by Yii…

Thanks for your reply.

I am not linking to the files directly at all. It’s all being automatically managed by Yii. The strange thing is even after emptying the assets folder, it’s not being re-populated.

For now I’ve copied the files from my development machine to the test server (after painfully identifying which folders to put the files into!). I’d love to know a more proper solution to republish the assets folder though.