How to call input with java ?

Hello for all,

Can you help me how to call this input with code java ?

<input name="Div" id="Div" value="<?php $je->Des; ?>" />

<input type="hidden" name="EX" id="EX" value="<?php $je->Des; ?>" />


First of all, I guess you have an error in your code.

Instead of

value="<?php $je->Des; ?>"

it should be one of these:

value="<?php echo $je->Des; ?>" // preferred

value="<?=$je->Des; ?>" // deprecated

otherwise value will always be empty.

Second: Could you clarify what you mean by

Second: Could you clarify what you mean by


I want that when i select this dropdownlist the values of input will be change.

dropdownlist :

  echo CHtml::dropDownList('journey', '', $data, array('id' => 'journey', 'prompt' => yii::t('main', 'Select'),  'class' => 'required'));


    $jour = je::model()->find('id = :Id', array('Id' => $_POST['journey']));

    $or = $jour->Origin;

    $des = $jour->Destination;



 <input  name="Or" id="Or" value="<?php echo $jour->Origin; ?>" />

    <input type="hidden" name="des" id="des" value="<?php echo $jour->Destination; ?>" />

I need to your help friend.

how to use this code in javascript

<?php     $jour = je::model()->find('id = :Id', array('Id' => $_POST['journey']));     $or = $jour->Origin;     $des = $jour->Destination;         ?>



No Answer :unsure:

maybe no one understands what you want?