How to call another application page ?

Hi ,

What I basically one to achieve is : there are 2 applications which can standalone to run. And application1 can call application2’s model  and vice versa without rewriting the “re-use” Application2’s model in Application1 and

rewriting Application1's model in Application2.

For example ,I have 2 applications ,each has its own directories/models/views… and each point to a DIFFERENT database with a shared User security(which can be a UserSecurity Application, another application).

Let say I have a App1_model1 (in application1) and App2_model2 (in application2) ,where they shared the same user database and session

How can I call App2_model2 FORM from within my App1_model1 FORM?

is that possible , this is a little difference from forum http://www.yiiframew…4.html#msg12884 , multiple db connections

and different from writing a module http://www.yiiframew…e/basics.module within an application as mentioned is reference guide.

Pls advice.



You can manually include the App2_model2: include("…")

But anyway you have a bad design if you need to do that. What is the problem, maybe anyone can suggest a better approach.

May I ask what type of problem you are solving by having 2 applications which rely on each other ?

Hi ,

I have 2 applications which is basically standalone i.e. Accounting module and Stock/Inventory module. But when some customer requires Accounting and Inventory module , it will need to "integrate" where account models have to call model in inventory modules.

But anyone I think the best so far I found for this is to extend the CActiveRecord class for the model which require to be integrated. Pls follow this thread tip: multiple db connection solution