How To Block Receiving Notifications

I bet there are other developers that are watching repos on Github and find it annoying to get a mail from coveralls bot on each PR and subsequent commit.

Just a friendly reminder that you can block Coveralls user by visiting and checking Block user under settings (top right corner).

Thanks to @CeBe for his awesome work on Elasticsearch branch and the huge amount of spam coming from coveralls from his WIP PR :)

s/hxxps/https/g . This forum is too restrictive :>

Thanks! And also Thanks for the tip! I am annoyed about email notifications about my own commits too :wink:

Fixed your post to display the link.

Hm… I blocked the bot on github but I still get mails…

I think we should disable the coverage information. It doesn’t give much information.

Is it possible to have the information in form of the button in readme but disable the bot notifications?