How to best deploy site


We have a Yii application that is replacing an existing Prado app. I am thinking that the app should not be deployed in the /var/www/html, but rather in some other folder not directly accessible web browser. Are there any best practices documents on best way to deploy a Yii application in this manner.

Currently we run site on a single server (CentOS Linux, Postgres 9), but will soon also be exploring load balancing options to support multiple web servers as well as replicating and connection pooling for Postgres.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  • Lou

Is possible have a web application that is not accessible by a web server? Maybe you mean not in “var/www”. If I’m right, you have to configure your virtualHost of apache2 or your webserver. You can have a web application situated in your home folder. I am not an expert. but you can do this.