how to be a Yii expert?


I’ve tried codeigniter before, and didn’t have much difficulty using its documentation. If I don’t use Codeigniter, I program using the procedural way.

I tried the Yii blog tutorial and am amaze at what Yii is capable of, unfortunately I’m having trouble in the documentations.

Are there any tips and tricks to understanding the documentation much better? I also heard that most people who easily learned Yii came from an ASP background. Is it worth to learn asp?

All you need to learn yii is solid oop & php knowledge and an idea of how mvc really works.

What do you find missing in the documentation. I may soon start contributing to the documentation soon and would like to include what other ppl think is missing.

It’s like understanding the theory but not knowing where or when to apply the code. The reason I was able to understand CodeIgniter’s documentation is because it has different examples for different situations and “What if?”'s.

The more I worked with Yii, I noticed that it worked differently from codeigniter in that most of the common task is generated for you, all you need to do is modify it into your liking, the challenge is knowing what functions to use and how to modify it. I’m also wondering, how do you use controller and view without the model in case you don’t need it?

So I guess I need to read more about OOP?


I suggest to not use Gii (as a beginner). Instead take a look at the source-code of the blog demo. Try to tweak it, try to find out how things work and combine it with the documentation. Try to create a small application with your own hands. So in short: Learning by doing.

You’re right! I’ll try playing with the blog

When i started i read the guide at least 2 times completely. It has all information you should need and it’s still very compact. Besides that i did some first experimenting. Even though you might not memorize every detail - it helped me a lot when some problems arised: “Aah, i’ve read this somewhere, let’s see…”.

As Mike said, you should know very good the definitive guide to Yii, and experiment a bit.

The class reference is also very useful, read this article for more information about it.

For developers:I think that the code generated by Yii before the introduction of the Zii widget were easier to learn, would be nice if there were a second option for code generation, both for didactical pourpuse everyday usage.