how to assign an action to CHtml::Button() ?

Here is the button() spec from class reference of CHtml:

public static string button(string $label=‘button’, array $htmlOptions=array ( ))

But from this spec, I couldn’t know how to trigger an action using this. How do I assign an action in the form of controller/action format, or in the url format(e.g.

Can you help? where I can find an example of CHtml::Buttion()? Is this the right question to ask? I think I got lost…

I think action to be assigned to form, not button

What do you mean? I don’t understand…

You can assign action to <form> tag

I see… Thanks!

Try this:

<?php echo CHtml::Button('Go to Yahoo!', array('submit' => '')); ?>

yeah, it’s what I need! thanks!

Very nice!

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