How To Apply Styles On Combo Box Extension

Hello all

im using Combobox extension of yii and after few days of struggle and alot of help from a yii forum member i was able to implement that extension.

Now i want to apply some styles of my own on combobox extension.i want to change the default look of combobox.

can any one tell me how can i do that.



If that’s the one that creates a dropdown via the jquery UI framework. Then all you need to do is to customize the dropdown CSS classes. The combobox widget adds the .ui-combobox, .ui-combobox-toggle , .ui-combobox-input classes. You can also override the ones that come bundeled with the jquery ui framework.

Play around with the css on the left pane:

make use of the theme roller for jquery ui:

also check out what other classes are used in the jquery ui:

If you can’t find the CSS class name you want to modify you can always right-click and inspect element in chrome or use firebug in firefox to find out what classes does the dropdown use.

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