How To Apply Css To Render Partial

hi guyz, any one have idea how to apply css to render partial kindly help…

You can write your own css in one file. And using the following code you can get the particular css file in the particular renderPartial form or view.

[font="Franklin Gothic Medium"]


&#036;baseUrl = Yii::app()-&gt;baseUrl;

&#036;cs = Yii::app()-&gt;getClientScript();

&#036;cs-&gt;registerScriptFile( &#036;baseUrl.'/css/style.ccs');



Still not working this is the code i have written css in mycss.css it works well in render but not working in render partial



$baseUrl = Yii::app()->baseUrl;

$cs = Yii::app()->getClientScript();

$cs->registerScriptFile( $baseUrl.’/css/mycss.ccs’);


<div id="searchform">

&lt;div class=&quot;form&quot;&gt;

&lt;?php &#036;form=&#036;this-&gt;beginWidget('CActiveForm', array(





&lt;center&gt; &lt;h1&gt; Advanced search &lt;/h1&gt; &lt;/center&gt;


	&lt;?php //echo CHtml::errorSummary(&#036;model); 



	&lt;div class=&quot;row&quot;&gt;

		&lt;?php echo &quot;&lt;h3&gt;Searching Promotion for item :&lt;/h3&gt;&quot;.&quot;&lt;h2&gt;&lt;b&gt;&quot;.ucfirst(&#036;model-&gt;name).&quot;&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;&quot;;			


	&lt;div class=&quot;row&quot;&gt;

	&lt;?php echo &#036;form-&gt;labelEx(&#036;model,'Select Promotion Type:',array('class'=&gt;'mylabel')); ?&gt;



	 &lt;?php  echo &#036;form-&gt;radioButtonList(&#036;model,'type',array(1=&gt;'Discount',2=&gt;'Buy Get free',3=&gt;'Cut Price', 4=&gt;'Free Coupon',5=&gt;'All'),array('labelOptions'=&gt;array('style'=&gt;'display:inline'))); ?&gt;

	 &lt;?php  echo &#036;form-&gt;error(&#036;model,'type'); ?&gt;



	&lt;div class=&quot;row submit&quot;&gt;

		&lt;?php echo CHtml::submitButton(); ?&gt;


	 &lt;?php &#036;this-&gt;endWidget(); ?&gt;




$this->renderPartial(‘index’, array(

		'model' =&gt; &#036;model),



what i do next :(

its works fine in my browser, you can just remove the <div> class name and apply your own style there. One more thing is just check it out in the view-source the css is getting or not…

tnx alot it works for me :)