How To Apply Access Rule Roles To Controller Action Created In Module

how to apply access rule roles to controller action created in module.

what you actually want to do? it is same adding access rules to the controller that does not belongs to any module.

thanks for the reply.

I have used role based access control for my project. it is working fine for the controllers actions i have created in side the controller folder using gii. but, doesn’t work for the controller actions i created inside modules/modulename/controller. please note that in module i have not used crud.

you can generate CRUD inside the modules too. for example to generate user CRUD under users module you can use the Controller Id of Gii as users/user will generate CRUD inside users module

thanks for the reply, Ahamed.

i can’t use CRUD for the module that i have created because, i need to list data from multiple tables. is there any way to create CRUD that deal with multiple models.

Also, i have got solution to my first query - the access rules roles are not working as i didn’t create filters in the controller.