How to append file on kartik\file\FileInput

How to append another file in kartik\file\FileInput (
If I add one file and then add another the first one is removed, how can I append instead of replace?

If you want to upload multiple files at once, you have to do either:

  1. making ready multiple FileInput fields in your form, or
  2. dynamically adding FileInput field on demand in your form

Yes that was not the problem my FileInput support multiple files the problem is simple to explain.
Drag “File A” and “File B” at the same time to the FileInput, this 2 files will be uploaded when I submit the form but if and need to add another file “File C” when I drag it, it will replace “File A” and “File B”, what I want is to append another file and get “File A”, “File B” and “File C”.

This problem is very common if you have files that you want to upload in multiple folders in the computer usually you can’t select all at once.

Do you understand the issue?

OMG! I’m sorry I didn’t know the kartik\file\FileInput supports multiple file selection.

But I think it’s not the issue of Yii. You have to consult the document of bootstrap file input and kartik\file\FileInput before you ask this question of yours here.

Sorry, I know that this is not a Yii2 problem but kartik modules are almost the “official modules” for Yii Framework. I already have asked this question on plugin page there are more people with the same problem.

I thought that maybe someone here have faced the same issue and can have a solution for it so I asked.