How to add relation between curd and custom table

I have created a curd using curd generation (with table status) in yii2-advanced application. and curd(create,view,edit,delete) is working properly.

Now I have created a new table relation (id, user_id, status_id) where user_id is the foreign key for user table and status_id is also foreign key for status table.

Now I want to update table relation on update status from backend.

For example :

  1. If one user (user_id is 1) creates new status then there will be a new entry in relation table like "relation (1, 1, {status_id just created by user})".

  2. if user delete status then the row with this status_id will also be removed from relation table.

  3. And these created status only visible to user_id 1 only not to other users (one user can only see his created status not to others).

I am new to this framework, so please guide me how to implement this scenario in my application?

Thanks in advance.

create own model for this table and write all rules which you want and set relation in function like has one ,has many