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How to add more property into model

(Logos010) #1

Hello guys,

When I use gii tool to general a model, it default general all fields to model’s property, right?

So, when I wanna add a new field into my table, how can I add this property into model.

I’d tried:

class myModel extends CActiveRecord{

     public $newProperty;

     public function _get(){

         return $this->newProperty;


     public function _set($newProperty){

         $this->newProperty = $newProperty;



Is there somethins wrong with my codes, when I try to display the new property in gridview:



  'header' => 'New Property',

  'type' => 'raw',

  'value' => $date->newProperty


Nothing display with my code :D

any suggestion :D?


(Maurizio Domba Cerin) #2

use just public $newProperty… without the _get() and _set()

But that is just for "additional" attributes ie those that are not part of the database…

If you just add a new field to the table… you don’t need to declare a variable… just set some validation rules… and use the new field as $model-><fieldname>

(Logos010) #3

Hi, thanks for reply Mdomba.

I’d tried you way, if I add $newProperty without _get() and _set(), it displays nothing!

Well, if I set validation rules, it bring me error: "Property model_name.newProperty is not defined."

I’d added into rules() and attributeLabels(), but it seem not work :D

(Antonio) #4

class myModel extends CActiveRecord{

     private $_newProperty;

     public function getNewProperty(){

         return $this->_newProperty;


     public function setNewProperty($newProperty){

         $this->_newProperty = $newProperty;



// to use it

$model->newProperty = 'myvalue';

echo $model->newProperty;

Check the magic __set and __get methods of CComponent.

(Logos010) #5

Thank you so much for reply! :lol:

I’d fixed this problem. As Mdomba said, I just need to add some validation rules for the $newProperty -> it work :D

And I found the same topic here.

Thanks again Mdomba, Antonio Ramirez

@Antonio Ramirez: I’ll try your suggest, may be that’s another way to this problem, thanks again. :D


(Antonio) #6

My approach is more of an extension, widget concept… mdomba suggestion is more model realistic… congrats man

(Atanas Angov) #7

Hey guys,

I’ve been fighting with the same issue for the past couple of hours and finally found the solution that worked for me.

So I just wanted to share that you would need to flush your cache


if you have enabled the caching of the schema via the ‘schemaCachingDuration’ in your database connection configuration.