How To Add Label And Class In Check Box

i have html code like this

<input type="checkbox" name="" class="checkbox1" onclick="" id=""/>

        <label class="gender" for="" id="">Female</label>

how can i implement this code in yii format…

i tried but gender is taking effect…

i created css class gender in _form only…

please see this

i referred it but i didn’t understand how to give class to label field inside ‘template’=> ?

try this

for e.g


echo CHtml::checkBox('venueSel[]', $check, array('onchange' => 'getEmployee();', 'id' => $v->id,

                                                    'value' => $v->id));


<label  style="width:150px;"class="venue_label "><?php echo $v->venue_name; ?></label>