How To Add Input Filter Extension In Yii Project

where i add input extention in a yii project?please help me?

i add extention in






        'class'         => 'CmsInput',  

        'cleanPost'     => true,  

        'cleanGet'      => true,   


i hava this error:

include(CmsInput.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

i read this wiki page


Path to extension is probably wrong, U should do something like:



   'class' => '', // example 'application.extensions.Smc.CmsInput'

   'cleanPost' => true, 

   'cleanGet' => true, 


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make sure first CmsInput correspond to a directory and second to file containing the class CmsInput




Thanks all .for your reply.

i add:

1- htmlpurifier.php to=> myproject>>protected>>config

2-CmsInput.php to=> myproject>>protected>>components

3-vendors to => myproject>>protected

note:vendors is a folder contain this folder->Codeigniter and this folder contain=>CI_Security.php

Good Luck.