How to add forum in my web site


I want to add forum in my website. if any free forum software is available in Yii.

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You have to install forum system in your server and in web site simply create link to this forum.

I think, he mean a forum extension for Yii. As far as I know, there is nothing like this…

Maybe someone will create something like this? :)

Thanking you for your reply

[size="4"]k could you tell me some software for creating a forum…[/size]

Ehm? If you want to create your own “forum” without an existing ( Like phpbb or smf use your favorite searchengine :) for them) It will be much work…

But if you dont know how to “create” a forum. I would suggest to become “pro” with php :)

But there good forums out there as mentioned: phpbb and smf for example ( There much more of theme out there )