how to add fixed filter in SerachModel->search(...)

Hi All,

I’m quite new to Yii and I’m facing a little problem,

I would like to display a table already filtered adn allow the filter with query parameters string.

I declare a new action in Controller

public function actionIndexFiltered($candidateId)


     $searchModel = new CvRisorsaTitoloSearch();

     //$dataProvider = $searchModel->search(Yii::$app->request->queryParams);

     $dataProvider = $searchModel->search(

         [$searchModel->formName() => ['is_cod_candidato' => $candidateId]]



     return $this->render('index', [

         'searchModel' => $searchModel,

         'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,



This code works but it doesen’t allow filter with query paramters.

‘CvRisorsaTitolo’ is a “many to many” table with other information,

and ‘is_cod_candidato’ is a field of ‘CvRisorsaTitolo’.

Hiow can I combine my filter and filter of query parameters ion other fileds "Yii::$app->request->queryParams".

Can anyone help me?