How To Add A Static Row And How To Disable Checkbox In Cgridview

Hi All,

I have the following CGridView:

$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView', array(



            	'itemsCssClass'=>'items grid-bordered',











						//'disabled'=>'Cause::getRowDisable($data->donCount, $data->limit)',



            		      'value'=>'Cause::getListColumnPrice($data->amount, $data->donCount, $data->limit, $data->fee, $data->type, $data->cause_id)',



            		      'value'=>'Cause::getListColumnDescription($data->description, $data->date, $data->id)',






First thing… I need to disable the posibility to select and check some rows, so that’s why I thought that using this would work:


						'disabled'=>'Cause::getRowDisable($data->donCount, $data->limit)',


But I get an error: Property "CCheckBoxColumn.disabled" is not defined.

Does someone know how to disable the checkbox?

Another question… I bring the data from DB, but I need to add a first row with static data (hardcode), the grid shows options to allow the user select one, but I want to give the possibility to not choose any of the options brought from DB. I have been looking for this on yii website and here in the forum but I haven’t found anything, is it possible?

Thanks in advance!