How To Access Url Admin Crud In Modules Folder


i alredy have crud in my modules.

so, how to access that crud via url ?

i try the url "http:localhost/forum/index.php?r=forum/create".

but the webpage show 404 not found.

thanks in advance

by default:


Hi first you can set the module url on confing/main.php file. (please see it)

like if i have module name customer so i will create the customer url structure


 'customer/<controller:\w+>/<action:\w+>' => 'customer/<controller>/<action>',

If i will create the CRUD on customer module

so write a url on browser address field like


in this url in customer module BannerManagement controller and call a view BannerManagement

How to Install a module?

I hope it’s some help.

tanhks all ;D .