How to accept both $_GET and $_POST request params?


I am working on api. In which there is requirement to accept both parameters using $_GET and $_POST methods.

So how to handle this request in Yii2?

Yes. I have option to use $_REQUEST but how to do in Yii2?

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Just get them both via…



You can still get both of them no matter what request type is sent.

Then you can work with them how you like? If you prefer them to act like $_REQUEST then just use $_REQUEST. :)


Additional to what gutterboy said - read the guide on requests:


@gutterboy and @MetaCrawler Thanks you.

But I have to accept both so i have used $_REQUEST.

You can keep the benefits of using Yii request methods by merging both result arrays so you will get your $_REQUEST.

Yes. I think this is the right way to use yii2 request method by merge them.