How the theme inherits the property


I have some themes installed working perfectly and about the views, themes inheritance is working good as well.

My concern is that I would like to create the same inheritance for assets, that’s to say, if an asset of my Assets array is not find in the theme directory, look for it in a “default” theme directory.

So, if I’m working with theme “A” and the asset css/plugin/main.css has to be loaded, if the file themes/A/css/plugin/main.css does not exist, load then themes/default/css/plugin/main.css.

The problem is that I don’t want to interfere in the assets generation and publish flow, so because themes inheritance with views are working good I was wondering if there is something similar with the assets.

Things tried:

  • .htaccess can not be use bcasue the Yii uses "copy" with local files to copy from themes to assets bundle

  • I wish "beforeCopy" of AssetBundle could allow to modify src o dst, but just returns true or false to the action of copying

Thank you in advance