How should I be using backend?

How should I be using the backend application?

My application is basically a content management system, so would backend be like the admin side of say wordpress?

As the improved advanced template has admin.php within the frontend therefore there’s no need to go to backend to

edit, add or delete article related data.

Should my setup be as follows, Model/ModelSearch be in common models folder then accessible by both frontend and backend. Then by public assessable stuff in frontend and then my admin list view, add, update and delete views in the backend application?

Yes, it should be like the admin side of WP

You should have

common models in common

frontend only models in frontend

backend only models in backend

Also, for contrllers remove all backend only actions out of the fronend and remove frontend only actions out of the backend.

i.e. if you don’t allow deletion on the front end remove all those actions and only have them in the backend.