How set Access Rules for static pages

Is there a way to set the accessRules for static pages (created with CViewAction), for instance if I want to allow access to my static pages only for authenticated users?

The normal accessRules let me to specify an action but not a view.


static pages can only be accessed by calling a particular action, therefore your accessRules are sufficient for specifying access rights.

I see that at the moment there is only one action “site/page” connected to the path “protected/views/site/pages”) for all static pages, so if I put all my static pages in that folder I can’t differentiate access rule.

So I immagine I should use different actions and different paths to differentiate static pages, I should specify in the function "actions" in siteController.php to use CViewAction for all actions but with different path (setting the basePath parameter) and then set properly accessRules in the controller.

Thats right?