How many days to start?

Used more than 5 years php, how many days to start ? how many days can basically grasp ?

a chinese phper

Depends on experience. How good you’re with OOP, have you used MVC framework previously?

21 days. :)

You can in a day… that’s what I did but it takes many months to master details like with every thing in life.

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You cannot calculate how many times you need to learn something. You can decide how many time you can devote tu improve yourself.

Thanks for everybody

As expirienced programmer your learning curve will increase much faster than in other php frameworks like ZEND or Symfony. Yii has a well written source code documentation. You haven’t to configure 10.000 things. Yii is clear, smart and runs out of the box.

A big Yii disadvantage (in my opinion not 100% well-engineered) is AJAX in combination with form-validation or Jui Widgets (it’s really hard, you have to use workarounds).

Regards Robert

I personally always believe you will only really master it after you’ve done a project (whether it is a real project or just for learning purpose). And how long usually will it take to learn Yii by doing a project? I bet it will about 2 weeks to a month maybe…

Just my 2 cent;

Hi Robert,

could you elaborate a little bit more on this? What are the problems? I’m looking at YII to start using it and this sounds scary…



Hi kuba,

please read this thread http://www.yiiframew…x-clientscript/. I have solved described problem by implement this: http://www.eirikhoem…-ajax-requests/.

In other way there is a javascript error, if you combine ajax validation with ajax form submit. The problem is the non blocking submit event… validator is triggered parallel by form submitting using return in a validation field.

To prevent this, I placed in ajax options of my ajaxSubmitButton this:

'beforeSend' => 'function() { $("#someForm").data("settings").submitting=true; return true; }',

This prevents the execution of ajax validation for last focused field (remember: submit using return in an ajax validation field).

I spent some hours to solve this for me.

Regards Robert


is a great choice, I guarantee that you learn fast. Since you have 5 years of PHP esperience.

Yii is in my opinion the best.


I’ve tried Zend, CakePHP, CI and Yii… and CI and Yii where by far the easiest to learn… After one day I had a simple app running on Yii(I had a very limited OOP experience).

But it takes months to get really experienced

Impossible question! :)

It depends on how long it will take you to grasp the MVC concept.

Simple as that.

Agree! :)

Also depends on how much time you are willing to dedicate in studying Yii. Create a project and apply what you learn. It will help greatly in understanding Yii (or any other framework) better.