How is the PDF for the guide generated?

Hi, I would like to generate a PDF from the german translation of the guide - how is the original pdf generated?

I found some markdown transform tools but none of these will collect the markdown textfiles in the correct order and put them all together in a big file to prepare the pdf output - how do you do this? I also found the python documentation tool called "sphinx", but it uses restructured text, not markdown. Did you write your own scripts to do it?


The PDF is generated using tools under /build

The process is:

  1. Markdown -> LaTex: using /build/commands/GuideLatexCommand

  2. LaTex -> PDF: pdflatex

ah, ok, I found it in yii-trunk - I was searching in the yiidoc svn for any tool that does it - ok, thanks, I will take a look at it.

anyway, what do you think about ?

Have a nice weekend!