How i will start a topic here

I am trying to solve out a problem and writing it here even with no links but showing spam post why i don’t know i wanted help with an extension and i am new in yii

Hi there, I am new to the forum as well as new to Yii framework. Firstly, i have completed the process installing yii basic and advanced including migrate using composer.

So, i installed an extension using composer called yii2-chat-adminlte everything is just fine till here.

The problem that i am facing is with the code give to add on the view page :

In views/site/index

i put the code

from the models/user.php page i get the class name User but when i am adding the class it is showing me error : \views\site\index.php at line 9 which is the User:User();

Line of error :

'userModel'=>  \app\models\User::User(),

but if i insert the data directly toh sql it is showing data in chatbox. But, cannot send messages directly from chat window.

I guess i am making mistake somewhere so need help ?