how i get separated or parsed data from $content,$this->worklet('base.topMenu'),$this->worklet('base.footerMenu') in main.php file so i can...

Hi every one, can you please help me out!!!

how do i get separated or parsed data from $content,$this->worklet(‘base.topMenu’),$this->worklet(‘base.footerMenu’) in main.php file so i can display the view according to myself.

I am using a theme from

If you need to pass data to the layout create parameters in the controller.

In the controller:

public $param;

You can set this parame whrerever in the controller or in the view with $this->param.

In the layout you can retrive the value with $this->param.

i am using a custom script and want to replace the whole HTML page(\themes\test\views\layouts\wrappers\main.php) by self created HTML page and apply my own test.CSS…and on applying that i am facing problem to putting data bcs it automatically display the whole content like <? echo $content ;?>(String format)…so could you please explained me in details:-

Well the detail are that:

In $content you have the result of the render of the view.

The content out of the view (layout) is taken by the layout view. You can freely write the layout as you wish, changing it all and including the css you want.

If you need some variable in the layout, follow the instruction of my previous post.


But in $content i am getting string which contains html tags but i want that data in a array so i can arrange according to my HTML+CSS pages and i have also asked in ""

i hv also read your "" but still not getting exactly because data is coming from many pages{passing HTML tags and CSS(class and id) inside $this->properties which we merge and store inside $this->properties and got the final o/p on=>\themes\test\views\layouts\wrappers\main.php}. and please explain me in details how to do that modification exactly, because i have been using Yii framework from last 10 days only so dont have full confidence over it.