How Hard Is It To Learn Yii 2?

Hi all,

I’m pretty comfortable in yii 1.1.x and wondering what it’s like transitioning to 2.0 on a new project?

A big part of the change for me will be getting used to using composer, the php 5.4 array syntax. I think the framework changes will be somewhat easier to learn.

I’m sure there are big benefits but so far my visceral reaction to the new array syntax, namespaces, etc is yuck. Just gotta get over it?

Yii 1.1 got me attracted to Yii in the first place and I liked using it.

But after working with Yii 2.0 from its pre-alpha stage, I think I get to see a lot more improvements (note Yii2 when available for production use may even be better). Since the world is changing with new features… you can see most old technology getting obsoleted. Read it as support for mobile devices, newer browser versions totally changing the way you code, even programming languages changing their support with new PHP, JS, CSS3, or HTML5.

In summary, if you spend a bit more time and understand the thought behind this, you may start to like it because you should be able to achieve whatever Yii 1.x gave, yet with much more control to the developer and ease of developing and maintaining code, and with way more features. Exceptions can still exist, and we all need to learn working with change.

I think the hardest part isn’t framework itself but PHP changes and new tools.

a good IDE can realy help with the PHP changes.

Namespace is easy with PHPStorm.

And if you plan to build moderns webapps, I think Yii 2 is much better than Yii 1.

Many features that you´ll need are native, and very easy to use.

Speaking of php changes…

What version of php introduced the Class::$variable syntax? Can someone explain to me what this means?

It’s a static class members. Intorduced in PHP 5.0.0:

looking for new feature :)