how get image list white inserting image with tinyMCE

how get image list of custom folder while insert image with tinyMCE? how definite image_folder?

can help me somebody?

Here are a couple of sites that should be of use to you:

Basically you just specify the url, to the php file, in tinymce.init -> external_image_list_url. In the php file you then create the javascript array and echo it.

I mean extention for yii. i think i must use code like this:

		$this->widget('application.extensions.tinymce.ETinyMce', array(





			'htmlOptions'=>array('style'=>'width: 300px; height: 150px;',



and where place PHP-generated image list file (


may someone type working code - i try a lot but no result?

Hi! I’m not able to load files. There is not any way to have an uploader like wordpress?

I know that this is an old thread but it is relevant to my situation.

I am trying to do something similar to the external_image_list_url as above only I want to provide external_link_list_url to tinyMce.

So I know I need to do something like the above comment ‘create the java script array and echo it’, it seems that tinyMce is looking for a file. I assume the thing to do is to use a controller action to provide the link list and in fact this is what I have done and it works. The only problem is I have actually created a file on the disk each time a create or update action is requested. It doesn’t take long to do but to me it seems like a real hack (because it is) and what I really want to do is simulate the existence of the file.

The example php file here shows the php use of the php function header.

// Make output a real JavaScript file!

header('Content-type: text/javascript'); // browser will now recognize the file as a valid JS file

I don’t ask a lot of stupid questions but how do I do this with Yii?


Hey doodle

I am not sure if I understood your question.

You must simulate a js file with php, is that correct ?

If so, do something like

public function actionJslist(){

  header('Content-type: text/javascript'); // like you said


 echo CJavascript::encode($myArray);


and that is it

Hope that helps


Thanks a lot Gustavo!

Like I said I try not to ask too many stupid questions but every now and then one gets the better of me.

In my controller now I have

public function actionlinksFile()


        $output = '';

        $output .= 'var tinyMCELinkList = new Array('."\n";

        $items = Webpage::model()->findAll();

        $itemsCount = count($items);

            foreach($items as $item){

                $itemsCount --;

                $endline = ($itemsCount > 0 ? '"],' : '"]');

                $output .= '["'.$item->name.'","index.php?r='.$item->controller.'/'.$item->action.$endline."\n";


        $output .= ');';

        header('Content-type: text/javascript'); // browser will now recognize the file as a valid JS file

        // prevent browser from caching

        header('pragma: no-cache');

        header('expires: 0'); // i.e. contents have already expired

        // Now we can send data to the browser because all headers have been set!

echo $output;


In my view file in tinyMce init area options array.






So problem solved! :D

Thanks again