How does Yii2 Dual Listbox works


How can I use a dual list box so that when I click save button, the items selected will be entered to the database. I read it is saved in JSON format but how could I do that?

Thanks in advance!

I have the same type of issue ( I don’t need JSON ).

I have two standard list boxes, as opposed to katrik\sortable and maksyutin\duallistbox. I couldn’t find good help on these.

One List box is "Assigned IDs". One List box is "Unassigned IDs". I need to "delete" an entry / model when the "unassign" button is pushed. I need to "insert" an entry / model when the "assign" button is pushed. I believe I am loading the boxes correctly in my actionIndex function.

I have 3 forms (not sure if it’s right). 1: contactid for searching (works). 2: contactid/contactruleid (for deleting). 2: contactid/contactruleid (for inserting). Deletion fails with “missing required parameters”. Any ideas?

                    <?php $form = ActiveForm::begin([

                            'action' => ['index'],

                            'method' => 'get',



                        echo $form->field($searchModel, 'contactid')->dropDownList(

                            ArrayHelper::map(User::find()->select('id, username')->all(), 'id', 'username')

                            ,['prompt' => 'SELECT USER',

                                'onchange' => 'this.form.submit()'



                       ActiveForm::end(); ?>

                     // Needs to delete the entered model

                     <?php $form2 = ActiveForm::begin([

                            'id' => 'form2',

                            'action' => ['delete'],

                            'method' => 'post',


                            echo $form2->field($searchModel, 'contactid')->textInput();

                            echo $form2->field($searchModel, 'contactruleid' )->listBox(


                            ,[  'multiple' => false,

                                'disabled' => false,

                                'size' => 10,

                                'style' => 'width:200px'


                       echo Html::submitButton('unassign', ['class' => 'btn btn-primary']);



                 // Needs to insert/update

                 $form3 = ActiveForm::begin([

                    'action' => ['create'],

                    'method' => 'post',


                 $form3 fields.....

                 echo Html::submitButton('assign', ['class' => 'btn btn-primary']);


Delete Controller: I tried to do model->load(Yii::$app->request->post()) here too, but the contactid/contactruleid are always absent.

public function actionDelete($contactid, $contactruleid)


        $this->findModel($contactid, $contactruleid)->delete();

        return $this->redirect(['index']);


When I press ‘Unassign’ I always get, missing required parameters: contactid, contactruleid …