How Does To Config Layout Folder


created module but layout folder didn’t generate ,so i tried to create layout folder manually but layout folder didn’t apply to i tried following steps

  1. Copy the ‘layouts’ folder into your module’s layouts folder

  2. Remove from your module’s views/default/index.php :






  1. In AdminModule.php (or whatever your module’s name) init() method:

$this->layoutPath = Yii::getPathOfAlias(‘admin.views.layouts’);

$this->layout = ‘main’;

  1. Extend your module’s DefaultController from CController instead of Controller (as mentioned by Mr. Luke ).

  2. Finally, customize your layouts by modifying the files in your module’s ‘layouts’ folder.

but once again i failed to achieve goal , plz some one can help me.

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Hi,please see it…

i hope it’s may help…