How Do You Handle Statistics?


I’m working on a project and now I want to implement statistics.

Simplified I want this:

A user access a profile page, this action is stored into a table.


This table can grow very large and query it gonne slow things down I think. So I thought that it would be enough to parse these records and count up the visits per day.


This table will become big, but only one record per day, per profile, that’s not really shocking. So queries will go faster.

Also I can empty the first table form time to time.

Is this a good approach? What is your strategy with statistics? Is there anything Yii can do for me to make things easier? I could not find a lot about statistics.

Or should I not worry about tables growing up to > 1 million records?

No one use statistics or logs on his site? ::)


You can use either a Yii system cache or you can store the statistic results in a table and refresh it after of certenly time


Thank you both for your comments. I will look into this.

I understand that it’s not a very interesting topic, statistics are not that complicated most of the time. :unsure:

It is important for any comblex query in database :)