How Do We Define Data Between Coding To Design Teams

I am working on a yii project whose code base would power multiple websites. I want to use a front end designer that is currently at remote location to me to handle the sites’ front end. How do we get to work such that he can create the sites (pages) and put the values coming from the backend in the right positions on the site pages.

I am thinking of smarty but I see it modifies some of Yii’s normal coding steps especially when rendering pages. Plus I have seen several comments where smarty users complain that it makes things complex. Question is how do we work so that when I get the view files i just put in the right folder and it communicates with backend codebase.

for example, if designer wants the name of the logged in user in a p he can do <p>{{name}}</p> (assuming smarty).

I will like to know if there are other ways to achieve this or if there are other approaches to achieve the communication.

This will allow the integration painless and even let me be able to use more than one designer if needed easily.

Thanks anyone.


Considering yii , initially we have to decide the theme and layouts. So please choose the right theme and fixed layouts under yourtheme/view/layouts/… and get it done the designing parts from designer.

Then you can go for some other view files for specific modification…

I think It will work.

Cheers !

thanks @Arockia, but you dont seem to get my question. I know where to put the files, and I have done that. But what has happened before is that the designer will put dummy values in the design as to represent real values then when he sends the files I have to start changing the dummy values to actual php value within the body of the html. I mean putting echo statements. I want a situation where we can define placeholders from the code base and he can just put the actual placeholders in the html so when we dump the files in the right directory, placeholders are replaced by real values automatically.

Smarty can help with this I know but I have read it is a bad idea with yii somewhere and I agree to an extent. If there’s a native way or a more yii oriented way I would appreciate seeing that.