How do run xdebug into the framework?

I am just starting up my first yii application and trying to setup Eclipse with the PDT tools and Xdebug.

I would like to single step my way through a request, seeing how the various parts of the framework come together.

I have an Eclipse project called "football" (located at ~/dev/football ) with a subdirectory app/ which was created for me by yiic.

The yii itself sits at ~/dev/yii (with the framework at ~/dev/yii/framework) (so I can share it with multiple projects I am developing at different web addresses)

The home network dns assigns the FQDN of yii.home to the ip address of my desktop (development) machine, and I have an apache virtual host for yii.home to create a virtual document root at ~/dev/football/app.

I can start a debugging run and single step ~/dev/football/app/index.php all the way through to its last line


But trying to single step into that function fails with a warning message the the script has suddenly terminated. But what actually seems to have happened is that xdebugger is trying to access a url of http://www.yii.home (rather than http://yii.home) and getting a response back from the web server that (quite understandably) that url is not found.

I have two related questions


[*]Where does this additional www come from in the url

[*]Does xdebug need the framework to sit within the web space?