How do I use ajaxVar property?


I’ve been searching through forums and g@@gl3 for the information, and I had to dive into source code of Yii. In js file framework\zii\widgets\assets\gridview\jquery.yiigridview.js I found the code:

if(settings.ajaxUpdate!==false) {

options.url = $.param.querystring(options.url, settings.ajaxVar+'='+id);

How can I use ajaxVar property to retrieve column values after filtering ajax version of cGridView? Thanks to forums I got the solution how to count returned items by ajaxed cGridView. Is the ajaxVar property used to GET data from grid?

For example in my standard ajaxed grid I have:


1 A

2 C

3 C

4 R

I filter on column name by "C" and I get

2 C

3 C

Can I somehow get this array of ajaxVAR[2,3]???


ajaxVar property

public string $ajaxVar;

the name of the GET variable that indicates the request is an AJAX request triggered by this widget. Defaults to ‘ajax’.


Can I get these values from cGridView by PHP GET table?


Property ajaxVar is used to identify that the request is an AJAX request and by default it sends to controller the grid’s id, not the ids of grid’s rows.