How do I specify the path to email templates?

I’m working with Yii::mailer and struggling a bit on this.

So, with compose, you can specify the template to use easily via a call like:

    return Yii::$app
			['html' => 'emailVerify-html', 'text' => 'emailVerify-text'],
			['user' => $user]

This works great EXCEPT I can’t figure out how to have a common folder of email templates. There are times I want the frontend to send an email (e.g., user signup), and there are times I want a console app to send an email (e.g., reminders).

Currently, that means I have:


I’d rather all of my email templates (and layout) go into:


But when I try this, mailer->compose() can’t find the templates. I’ve poked around the docs but I can’t figure out how to say “all email templates/layout are always in location X”.

Wait, I think this may be it:

I have @common/mail in my viewPath in file common/config/main-local.php (advanced template).

        'mailer' => [
            'class' => 'yii\swiftmailer\Mailer',
            'viewPath' => '@common/mail',

All my templates are of course in common/mail - and I have both frontend and console application sending email.