How Do I Separate Public (Guest) And Admin Pages In My Diocese Website

I am developing website for diocese (dynamic website) and it has public view ( to see, about us, mission ,history , priest details, parish details, news & events etc.,) … and also it has admin view ( manage CMS, manage news & events, manage parish, manage priest)… so, i have 2 way of layouts to be presented to the user.

For example, on the public view, i want to show plain design to attract user and accessible…

For Administrator, I want to do login/logout and show only header with navigation (CRUD operations)

What is the best approach to implement this? Do I need to have multiple themes or do I need to create front, backend files?

For Admin, create an "Admin" module and fill it with model, controller and views (also layout if you need) relative to administration zone.

Check this forum

Note: In this forum i will show the only frontend layout on frontend module so same you can create the admin module

use frontend ,backend structure


create a separate module for administration


you can also user index.php for public and admin.php for admin side. check the code code of index.php. You will get idea.

Thanks to all, I will go through and choose the working one.