How do I put the login in my header ? .. like facebook !


As this topic title stipulates - What if I want to have a login in my header !

and while available keeping the normal & single login page !

Can someone please point me in the right direction …

A bit similar to the facebook page !

What I want to accomplish for my app is this :

in the header, I wish to have :

  1. the logo with title,

  2. a single button for a drop down menu,

  3. a login ( with the remember-me, and forget password )

My header could be about 90 px in height ! ( as small in height as possible )

It will be the header when the user is not logged in !

Another header with a 40px in height ( with the same single drop down menu, and other items will to be shown when the user is logged in ! such as his name … etc … ) so I want 2 different headers !

( I am thinking this can be accomplished with an if statement somewhere in the app … and possibly more than one layout )

but for now : I simply need to put a working login in the header, users will have their e-mail address as the username to log in !

any cues or directives about this will be greatly appreciated ! … thank you !


Take a look at themes to get an idea how it’s done.


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just like any other form.

see what yii calls when someone submit the login form

and call the same thing