How do I popup CJuiDialog containing CGridView and return selected info to parent form


As I am new into programming and in Yii World, I am just wondering the possible solutions for my mentioned problem

I have a User Model which have fields like (id, loginId, firstName, lastName). On a given view, I have a readonly textbox where I want the application user to specify the desired “loginId” by searching from a popup screen. On the popup screen, the User Model can be searched with different criteria and selected user’s loginId will be set into the textbox after auto closing the popup screen

  • Does it make sense to create a link on the view to popup CJuiDialog which will contain CGridView with User searching functionality?

  • How will I pass the selected loginID information from CGridView (which is under CJuiDialog popup) to the textbox on view after closing the CJuiDialog automatically?

Will appreciate any sort of guidance…!!

I wanna know how I do it too… ;/

check this thread for this -

thank’s a lot :D

was exactly what I was looking for