How Do I Get Confirmation On Success And Error


i have this project about fighters.

i add a match between 2 fighters and beforeSave() i get fighter’s rank and points, save the match and afterSave() i take the result and calculate points, i write them in ranking table. after this i query the table and order by points DESC and loop through result and add to the same table the rank.

first i don’t know what is the best procedure to do it faster

second is that i want a popup after all these operations ends with a report that tells me if everything went ok or not and the reason why.

i tried this:






   //.... other SQL executions



catch(Exception $e)




i made some errors on purpose and indeed rolledback BUT only on operations after the match saves because they run afterSave() and it also did not show me any errors/report. i probably don’t know how to do it.

any idea to make this possible ?

thank you