How Do I Generate Model & Crud Automatically

i want to generate Model and CRUD automatically when my new table created.

i am creating new table(xyz_uid) dynamically after successful registration of user. and i am inserting some data related to that particular user. this thing is working fine for me.

i creating separate table for each user because for every user table attributes may different and i tried to keep one table instead of making new table for every user but it’s smashing everything in my project.

i want to generate Model and CRUD of that user so i can do future transaction with that table.

i know how to generate Gii manually from ?r=gii. but here i want to generate automatically from back end.

i tried to search about this in Yii forum and in google also. but i didn’t found anything.

is there any extension or anything which will generate it automatically.

will it be good idea to create model and CRUD for every table? or shall i communicate with table directly using CDbCommand?

check this forum