How do I combine rowCssClassExpression with odd/even

I’m trying to label my CGridView with both a unique class and the standard odd/even class

These don’t work:

'rowCssClassExpression'=>'"row_id_" . $row . " " . $row%2?"odd":"even"',

'rowCssClassExpression'=>'"row_id_" . $row . " " . array("odd","even")',

Doh; nothing like a new day to see the obvious.

I’m getting execution precedence mixed up.

This works:

'"row_id_" . $row . " " . ($row%2?"even":"odd")'

For the benefit of those who are not yet clear,

'rowCssClassExpression'=>'(isCurrent($data)==1)? rowopen : "row_id_" . $row . " " . ($row%2?"even":"odd")',

I’m thankful I came across this topic and implemented it in my own project, of combining customized CSS class and the odd/even classes.