How do change YII default wep app layout?

How could i change YII’s default web app layout so that it will stretch horizontally to fill up the whole screen? An example will be google’s homepage.

You can do this by changing the css files in your themes folder.

Here some layouts that you can download and add to your web app.

But itz better if you can edit your css files that related to your theme.

Hmm there is nothing in the themes folder. I was using yii’s generated web app. The layout is good for me, i only need to make it go fullscreen.

Thanks for the link to the theme list though.


For default web app you have to edit the Css filse in your CSS folder wich is in your application.

I guess main.css is the file i should change but if someone can point out specifically which part of the css code i need to change and how to change to achieve full screen layout that will be great as i am totally new in web development :rolleyes:

Edit the main.css file in that default css folder.

Put width attribute in to page id.this will make it.



margin-top: 5px;

margin-bottom: 5px;

background: white;

border: 1px solid #121c28;

[color="#FF0000"]width : 500px;[/color]


insert red colored code… :D

before your call $this->render(‘xx’);

you can do like this:



Sorry for my poor English!

You can even create another css file and you it as you want. By default yii use blueprint css.

If you want to learn more about blueprint css framework this link may help you

Added width : 100%; and it works!

Thanks everyone for the advices!