How do auto-hints work?

I just saw this new feature I tried it but could not activate those auto-hints.

Does is work with

ActiveForm::begin(['fieldConfig' => ['autoHint' => true]);


It doesn’t seem so…


What exactly do you mean?

Your link leads to a 404.


im also facing the same issue

im getting below error.

i have update the composer too.

Unknown Property – yii\base\UnknownPropertyException

Setting unknown property: kartik\form\ActiveField::autoHint

Sorry, the dot was part of the link. Correct link: .

Yeah, I also get that exception. Could it be that something has been forgotten?

is this feature released ?

According to this, yes:

Hopefull does not mean: Specifiying yes, using no… :D

Do you have attributeHints() method in your model?

Now it’s working for me! I guess my problem was that I passed an unneeded configuration to ActiveForm. Obviously, I did not try without it.


Just implement (overwrite) attributeHints in model. That’s it. No activation required.

    public function attributeHints() {

        return ['name' => "My hint for the model attribute 'name'."];


And if hints are declared and one wants to hide it though just call

<?= $form->field($model, 'name')->textInput()->hint(false) ?>

or to supply a different string

<?= $form->field($model, 'name')->textInput()->hint('different string') ?>

Please correct me if anything is not correct here.