How difficult to build an email module?

Hi folks,

I would like to have an email frontend for an app I am building so that all users can send/receive emails directly through the app and also so I can create standard templates to be used for the users. I had a look around but there doesn’t yet seem to be one built in for Yii2.

As this is something I have never done before, I was hoping I could get some input from other developers as to the complexity of the task. Is this going to be a massive project? I would imagine the frontend would not be particularly complex as we are all familiar with email functionality but I am not entirely surely about the backend/db for this. Although (and I might just be being a little too optimistic here), I am sure I can find suggested schemas etc if I look around.

Am I being foolish here? How hard is this going to be? It would seem a very useful module to have… with that in mind, would anyone like to join forces to create it?



This task would probably not be easy to implement in a robust manner, but you might be able to use this:

If you hook your application up with Mailgun or Mandrill, it would be much more secure and reliable, but if you set up the right MX / SPF records on your mail host, then the chances of being flagged as a spammer and/or hacked by hackers will be minimized. :)

Using both Mandrill and Mailgun it is possible to configure inbound email addresses to be routed to an URL of your choice.

That would probably be a console controller action in your app, and then just parse the POST.

Outbound emails are easier.

Thanks, I will take a look into that extension.