How did you learn Yii2?

[color="#000000"][size="5"]I am looking for Yii 2 tutorials it will be better if it is video tutorials (please share links). and please share your experience with us about yii2 learning process? [/size][/color]


Read the guide and practise:

Still the best yii introduction & tutorial if you ask me…


The Definitive Guide to Yii 2.0 is actually the best resource when you want to learn Yii 2.0.

It may look a bit too large at the first glance, since it covers all of the framework. But every one of the chapters is easy to read. There’s nothing complicated. By reading through the guide, you’ll get the solid knowledge basis of Yii 2.0, i.e., what it’s like as a whole.

You may also find the translated version of the guide into your language in Github.