How can you install Yii 1.0 on a vagrant machine

I am using some old provisioning code, and it doesn’t work anymore, because on older virtual machines some repositories are no longer maintained, so I was wondering if there was a guide for that. For some reason, when I do try to install it on an ubuntu machine with php 5.6, it seems to work, except that the ports are not configured correctly, so I was wondering what I need to do to solve that issue exactly. My app is using port 80, 81 and 82, but only the preconfigured port on the machines are working, so what config files do I need to modify to make the Apache server run my Yii 1.0 app? Is there any guide for this? Also, can someone maybe make a vagrant box with php 5.6 or how to install php 5.4+ if the repository is no longer active?

what is the vagrant code you are using right now, which repositories are not available?

you did not specify what exactly you did and what is not working, so it is hard to suggest what you need to change to make it work. Please give more details.